What is the best color to wear on Zoom?

The most important thing about getting people to pay attention to you and what you’re saying is to help them focus on your face and your torso by standing out from your background. Stand out as much as possible The best way to accomplish this is to wear a different color from your background – one that is brighter, [...]

8 Tips to Increase Engagement Online

Elevate your online screen presence with increased engagement with your clients online -  improve your rapport and close more business. Elevate your personal brand on zoom by having your clients focus on you as the "main event" by eliminating distractions  and being the center of attention.

Why Enhance Your Online Screen Image

It’s now more important than ever to up your game and create a visually pleasing on-line presence by by increasing engagement and eliminating distractions. IMPROVE YOUR ONLINE SCREEN PRESENCE Improve your camera angle, lighting, background and Zoom specific make-up Understand what colors work best on you in your space / what colors to avoid Improve client engagement, increase your [...]

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