5 Ways to Optimize Video for Zoom Depositions

This article originally appeared in the spring issue of the California Litigation Journal.   As Zoom trials and depositions continue to be conducted online during Covid and beyond, it’s critical to control how you, and everyone involved in the case, show up. Whether it’s you, your client, your deponents, or expert witnesses, each must come across as polished, credible [...]

5 Key Ways To Optimize Your Zoom Presence For Increased Sales

Seemingly overnight, the pandemic has turned virtual meetings into our new normal. Given that video conferencing is here to stay, how to deliver an exceptional virtual customer experience is the new priority for sales, SaaS teams and customer success coordinators with the standout issue being video itself. Many sales professionals don’t turn on their video during sales meetings because [...]

The New Post COVID Business Casual

What should you wear to look fabulous and feel as confident as you did before the pandemic? I’ve noticed more than ever before that everyone wants to feel more comfortable after wearing sweats and yoga pants for the past 18 months. This is the problem…. after wearing our most comfy casual stretchy clothes for the past year and a [...]

What is the best color to wear on Zoom?

The most important thing about getting people to pay attention to you and what you’re saying is to help them focus on your face and your torso by standing out from your background. Stand out as much as possible The best way to accomplish this is to wear a different color from your background – one that is brighter, [...]

8 Tips to Increase Engagement Online

Elevate your online screen presence with increased engagement with your clients online -  improve your rapport and close more business. Elevate your personal brand on zoom by having your clients focus on you as the "main event" by eliminating distractions  and being the center of attention.

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