8 SUPER TIPS  - HOW TO DECLUTTER & ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSET From Shelley & TV Personality Marie Kondo Have you heard of Marie Kondo? Have you Marie Kondo’d your home? (hummm....It's both a proper noun and a verb) These are questions I hear all the time lately.  She is an author and has an incredibly popular TV show, which [...]

J Hilburn – Men’s Made-to-Measure Clothing

INTRODUCING.... J. HILBURN Made-to-Measure Custom Men's Clothing for YOU or the Special Man in your life... HAVE I PEAKED YOUR INTEREST ABOUT J. HILBURN? I'm super excited to let you know that I’m now partner with J HILBURN to offer you custom made-to-measure clothing to fit you better than off-the-rack clothing and better serve your needs both socially and professionally. J HILBURN offers you greater [...]

3 Top Style Excuses NOT to Dress Well

I've heard every excuse on the planet about WHY one can't dress better. What message do YOU want to send out to the world about who YOU are? Here are the 3 top excuses for not dressing well:   People Shouldn't Judge You Based On Your Appearance The classic confusion between what the world "should be" vs what the [...]

Why don’t men wear color anymore?

In mens fashion, why don’t men wear color anymore? I don’t get it…I don’t know… I was killing some time sitting at Banana Republic in San Francisco between meetings and ended up having a fascinating conversation with one of the salesman.  He was well dressed, in his late 40’s or early 50’s and didn’t know who I was [...]

Suggestions For Looking Your Best On Camera

Going on camera and not sure what to wear? Wear an outfit that reflects your position or part in the video. If you're the CEO, you'll probably want to wear a suit or something that indicates you are more powerful and successful. If you are an actor, make sure to "dress the part." If you're not sure what to [...]

10 Money-Saving Hacks To Use When Shopping

When shopping online or in-store, sometime you can get sucked into impulse buys or get distracted from your original purpose and go home with five things you didn’t intend to get and without the one thing you hoped to find. Try these tips to save time, money and energy when shopping and be a smart shopper! Stock photo [...]