Why don’t men wear color anymore?

In mens fashion, why don’t men wear color anymore? I don’t get it…I don’t know… I was killing some time sitting at Banana Republic in San Francisco between meetings and ended up having a fascinating conversation with one of the salesman.  He was well dressed, in his late 40’s or early 50’s and didn’t know who I was [...]

Suggestions For Looking Your Best On Camera

Going on camera and not sure what to wear? Wear an outfit that reflects your position or part in the video. If you're the CEO, you'll probably want to wear a suit or something that indicates you are more powerful and successful. If you are an actor, make sure to "dress the part." If you're not sure what to [...]

10 Money-Saving Hacks To Use When Shopping

When shopping online or in-store, sometime you can get sucked into impulse buys or get distracted from your original purpose and go home with five things you didn’t intend to get and without the one thing you hoped to find. Try these tips to save time, money and energy when shopping and be a smart shopper! Stock photo [...]

Where To Draw The Line Between Men’s Business Casual And Weekend Casual

Everyday has become “Casual Friday” in many offices and career fields across the country. Especially with the rise of the startup culture, many people work in small offices with a more casual vibe. For men, business wear has become very casual, to the point of being a little sloppy. How did this happen? A little history… did you know [...]

8 Simple Tips On How To Look Taller And Leaner In Your Clothes

Clothing has the ability to transform and work magic. You can look taller, leaner, younger, more sophisticated or sexier depending on how you style yourself. If you’re a woman trying to elongate your figure and dress in a way that gives an illusion of being a few inches taller and a few pounds slimmer, try these tips: 1. Wear [...]

It’s all about the shoes…

Tan suede shoes   Hey guys…. I just came back from 10 days in Portugal.  I know it’s not Paris or Milan, but I must say that Portugal is an up and coming country, both socially and financially and the men there certainly know how to dress. While walking around the capital city of Lisbon and Porto, [...]