Do You Struggle With What To Wear


When Speaking or Giving a Presentation?




Are you giving a TED Talk and don’t know what to wear?


What to wear on a TED and TEDx stage by international image consultant and Stylist Shelley Golden

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Are you giving a Ted Talk, an in-person presentation or a presentation on a virtual platform? Shelley can help you create the perfect look from head to toe so that you’re wearing the perfect colors and styles for your body, and the perfect colors for your background, either in-person or virtually, so that you feel more confident, look more credible and will stand out to be noticed as the authority you are.


This is a MUST if you’re giving a Ted Talk, speaking in front of a large audience, or creating videos or podcasts.

Ted Talk Tedx what to wear
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Shelley knows what she is doing and has real expertise in how you look. She was there during the talk as well to help and guide me at every step. I highly recommend Shelley and anyone who is looking for an image consultant you shouldn’t think twice about who to go to. Shelley Golden is the person who will take care of you.

Hassan Tohid, Ph.d, TEDx speaker


She was easy to work with and gave me great advice on how to select a look that was modern yet within my comfort zone. Shelley was by my side, making sure I looked my best and feel confident in my look, so I could focus 100% on delivering my message on stage.

Navin Kunde, Ph.d Innovation Leader, TEDx speaker

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How to Dress For Greater Impact & Confidence
on Stage, Camera and Virtual Platforms

Shelley Golden image consultant - dress for impact on the stage and for Ted talks and presentations



Two – 1-Hour INDIVIDUAL 1:1 Zoom Sessions With Shelley

We will take a deep dive into:

  • YOUR Body shape and what style of clothing works best for you.
  • YOUR specific color palette and what colors you should wear on stage and what colors to avoid
  • Create a detailed shopping list, if necessary
  • Create specific outfits from head to toe that work for YOU, YOUR BRAND and YOUR AUDIENCE.

The second call will be scheduled during first call


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10 Tips to Look Better on Stage

For Speaking and Presentations

Learn how to dress for the audience you’re trying to attract.


Feel confident knowing that you’re wearing the perfect colors for your body.   


“Shelley delivered an outstanding presentation.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about clothing, textiles and how to present and adorn the body in the best possible light, no matter one’s shape.  Her presentation had excellent graphics and images and was entertaining and easy to comprehend.  I highly recommend Shelley for any group.”

Darcie Ellyne,  MS. RD., Sutter Health

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Shelley Golden Image consultant and stylist helping professional look their best on stage for speaking and presentations