Having recently spent 7 weeks in Bali, Thailand, and India, I'm super inspired by all the colors, fabrics, and designs I saw in how people dress, architecture, art, and design. As we roll into 2024, it's time to start looking at how we present ourselves to the world. Your appearance communicates a message, a statement that reflects your brand and aligns your appearance [...]

FASHION TRENDS SPRING/SUMMER 20242024-04-26T06:38:52+08:00

Personal branding: What does your Zoom background say about you?


As a personal stylist, and 5th generation expert in the fashion and clothing business, I have seen an amazing resurgence in business professionals who are taking life-changing steps to become their “personal best” and elevate their personal brand. With so many meetings done virtually on Zoom or other apps, it’s even more important to be [...]

Personal branding: What does your Zoom background say about you?2022-11-23T13:46:50+08:00

5 Ways to Optimize Video for Zoom Depositions


This article originally appeared in the spring issue of the California Litigation Journal.   As Zoom trials and depositions continue to be conducted online during Covid and beyond, it’s critical to control how you, and everyone involved in the case, show up. Whether it’s you, your client, your deponents, or expert witnesses, each must come [...]

5 Ways to Optimize Video for Zoom Depositions2022-03-22T12:24:03+08:00

It’s all about the shoes…


Tan suede shoes   Hey guys…. I just came back from 10 days in Portugal.  I know it’s not Paris or Milan, but I must say that Portugal is an up and coming country, both socially and financially and the men there certainly know how to dress. While walking around the capital city [...]

It’s all about the shoes…2017-10-19T12:38:56+08:00
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