Having recently spent 7 weeks in Bali, Thailand, and India, I'm super inspired by all the colors, fabrics, and designs I saw in how people dress, architecture, art, and design. As we roll into 2024, it's time to start looking at how we present ourselves to the world. Your appearance communicates a message, a statement that reflects your brand and aligns your appearance [...]

FASHION TRENDS SPRING/SUMMER 20242024-04-26T06:38:52+08:00

Top 10 Tips On What To Wear When Speaking On Stage


You’ve been asked to speak at an in-person event and want to make the best possible impression on your audience. These ten tips will provide you with guidance on how to dress for impact and confidence when presenting on stage, which is crucial for creating a positive impression and engaging your audience. Here then are [...]

Top 10 Tips On What To Wear When Speaking On Stage2023-03-29T07:14:03+08:00

The New Post COVID Business Casual


What should you wear to look fabulous and feel as confident as you did before the pandemic? I’ve noticed more than ever before that everyone wants to feel more comfortable after wearing sweats and yoga pants for the past 18 months. This is the problem…. after wearing our most comfy casual stretchy clothes for the [...]

The New Post COVID Business Casual2022-05-04T13:51:54+08:00

7 Tips to Look More flattering


When your clothes look more flattering... you’ll look and feel more confident.  1.  Make your butt look slimmer Wear jeans that have back pockets that are closer together, (closer to the center seam).  This will keep your eye in a narrower frame vs. forcing your eye to look from side to side at the widest part of your hips. 2.  Make your [...]

7 Tips to Look More flattering2020-03-14T02:05:30+08:00

8 Hacks on How to Look TALLER & LEANER


We’re only human, and sometimes that means lusting after things we can’t have... namely, a few extra inches of height. Most of my clients and people I know, want to appear taller than they already are, unless they're already over 6'0" tall - this goes for both women and men. But since there’s no way to actually [...]

8 Hacks on How to Look TALLER & LEANER2020-03-28T15:11:02+08:00



Dress better, look better, feel confident People will notice you! You look like you have more authority - People will do what you ask them to do…. You will perform better at work…. Feel more confident and more focused People will expect you to charge HIGHER FEES for your goods and services- You will [...]


J Hilburn – Men’s Made-to-Measure Clothing


INTRODUCING.... J. HILBURN Made-to-Measure Custom Men's Clothing for YOU or the Special Man in your life... HAVE I PEAKED YOUR INTEREST ABOUT J. HILBURN? I'm super excited to let you know that I’m now partner with J HILBURN to offer you custom made-to-measure clothing to fit you better than off-the-rack clothing and better serve your needs both socially and professionally. J [...]

J Hilburn – Men’s Made-to-Measure Clothing2020-04-28T10:26:14+08:00

Why don’t men wear color anymore?


In mens fashion, why don’t men wear color anymore? I don’t get it…I don’t know… I was killing some time sitting at Banana Republic in San Francisco between meetings and ended up having a fascinating conversation with one of the salesman.  He was well dressed, in his late 40’s or early 50’s and didn’t [...]

Why don’t men wear color anymore?2018-07-09T14:19:14+08:00

10 Money-Saving Hacks To Use When Shopping


When shopping online or in-store, sometime you can get sucked into impulse buys or get distracted from your original purpose and go home with five things you didn’t intend to get and without the one thing you hoped to find. Try these tips to save time, money and energy when shopping and be a smart [...]

10 Money-Saving Hacks To Use When Shopping2019-01-10T04:59:51+08:00
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