Men's personal Stylist, men's fashion stylist -Shelley Golden Silicon Valley, San Francisco

J. Hilburn

Made-to-measure men’s clothing

Made exclusively to fit your body and your lifestyle.

As your Personal Stylist, Shelley Golden offers you sophistication with J.Hilburn’s impeccable suiting and jackets, shirts, casual pants, jeans, polos, golf wear and belts with loads of custom options…all at a reasonable price.


Shelley comes directly to your home or office – you’ll never need to set foot in a mall or clothing store again.

She offers impeccable service and expertise to help men build lean wardrobes so that they leave the house feeling confident in clothes that look great and fit perfectly, both professionally and socially.

J.Hilburn clothing is made-to-measure with fabrics from the finest Italian mills.


Shelley Golden J. Hilburn Mens' Stylist San Francisco
Shelley Golden J. Hilburn Mens' personal Stylist San Francisco
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Shelley Golden Mens' personal stylist j. Hilburn custom made to measure mens clothing San Francisco
Shelley Golden Mens' personal stylist j. Hilburn custom made to measure mens clothing San Francisco
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Men's personal stylist - San Francisco
Men's personal stylist - Silicon Valley


Yes, even for men!

Shelley creates your personal Color Palette especially for you and is completely unique to your individual needs! It is not from a cookie cutter template.

Shelley will guide you towards the best color choices for your wardrobe taking into account the exact colors of your eyes, skin, pink in your cheeks, lips, hair and whites of your eyes and teeth to select the perfect color palette that flatters YOU.  Each color swatch is personally selected and hand cut for your booklet.

Wearing your best range of colors will make you look younger, healthier and more vibrant. While wearing unflattering colors can make you look older, tired and even ill.

How you wear color also affects your perceived body shape.

This is why a color analysis an essential part of a every man’s style makeover.

A personal color palette fan makes a great gift for that man who has everything!”

Mens' personal color consultant - Silicon Valley
Mens' business casual personal stylist - Silicon Valley
Mens' business casual personal stylist - San Francisco
Mens' business casual fashion stylist -San Francisco

Building A Successful Wardrobe

  • I’ll teach you how to organize your closet effectively
  • I’ll figure out garments to keep and which ones to discard
  • We’ll expand your wardrobe with just a few new pieces
  • I’ll teach you about mixing and matching colors and textures for maximum impact
  • With follow-up services, every spring and fall, I will do a review and edit of your wardrobe
  • We will update your wardrobe each season by adding integral pieces for taking you from winter to summer

Haberdashery and Tailoring

I will teach and show you:

  • How to alter the personality of a suit with ties, belts, shoes and hats
  • How to expand your wardrobe with belts, shoes and ties to keep things fresh
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics
  • How to maintain and care for your ties, hats and shoes
  • The do’s and don’ts of accessorizing