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Personal branding image consultant and fashion stylist, Shelley Golden will help you look and feel fabulous by elevating your personal brand with the right look for the life you want to live, the position you want to achieve, a photo/media shoot, a special event or a first date.  

Do you feel confident with how you look when you walk out the door?  If you’re frustrated deciding what to wear and unsure of how to pull a modern, stylish look together, Shelley can help you find the right look to give you that special edge and boost your confidence to unleash your personal power and style.

Streamline your life by transforming your look for optimal performance in both your business and your lifestyle.

Shelley Golden mens stylist and image consultant san francisco

Dress with confidence

Look well-put-together

Simplify your life and your wardrobe

Match your personality to how you want to show up in the world

Shelley will help you find the right clothes for your unique personal style, aiming for that “wow-you-look-amazing” look, while in alignment with your personality, budget, lifestyle and size.

After working with Shelley, professionals feel more confident, empowered and stand out when they walk into a room or participate in a Zoom meeting. Their elevated personal brand attracts ideal clients, which leads to broader success and influence.


Shelley Golden Men's stylist San Francisco
  • Image assessment of your body shape, color analysis, your needs and what style you’re looking for
  • Closet overhaul / organization –  go through your closet to see what you have, what no longer works and what we can build off of. Shopping in your closet is a great place to start. We create a shopping list with key items to be purchased to take your wardrobe to the next level as well as an alteration list for items needing a bit of alteration.
  • Pre-shop for clothes before our shopping excursion, choosing both the perfect stores and the ideal clothing.
  • Shopping for new clothes – Shelley will help you identify the ideal look for your lifestyle, both socially and professionally and will guide you in your purchases so that you only buy items that look great on you and will get you noticed, not items that will just sit in your closet.  She can shop with you or without you and bring the items to your home or office.
  • There is also the option to have Shelley custom design J. Hilburn made-to-measure clothing that fits your body and your lifestyle.  See J. Hilburn below
  • How to put it all together session – this will be done a week or so after our shopping excursion.  I will show you how to put outfits together, combining both the new clothing and what you already have in your closet.
  • 6 months of quick text consultations ( 1-5 minute advice and consults)

  • Image assessment, talk about the best colors and styles for your body and personality to better understand your needs and what styles work best for you.
  • Closet overhaul / organization – go through your closet to see what you have, what no longer works and what we can build off of. We create a shopping list with key items to be purchased to take your wardrobe to the next level as well as an alteration list for items needing a bit of alteration.
  • Personal consultation – Shelley will help you identify the ideal look based on your personal needs both socially and professionally, your lifestyle, how you’re built and how you want to show up in the world.
  • Pre-shopping for 1-2 hours before you join her and figuring out which stores work best for you and pre-select clothes based on what you’re looking for and your budget
  • Shopping for new clothes while guiding you in your purchases so that you buy items that look great on you and fit you perfectly, not items that will just sit in your closet
  • Option to have Shelley design custom J. Hilburn made-to-measure clothing (see below)

Made-to-Measure Men’s Clothing

by J. Hilburn

Made exclusively to fit your body and your lifestyle.


As your Personal Stylist, Shelley Golden offers you sophistication with J.Hilburn’s impeccable suiting, jackets, shirts, knit tops, casual pants, jeans, polos, golf wear etc… with loads of custom options…all at a reasonable price.


Shelley can work with you remotely via Zoom or in-person by coming directly to your home or office – you’ll never need to set foot in a mall or clothing store again.

She offers impeccable service and expertise to help men build lean wardrobes so that they leave the house feeling confident in clothes that look great and fit perfectly, both professionally and socially.

J.Hilburn clothing is made-to-measure with fabrics from the finest Italian mills.


Shelley Golden J. Hilburn Mens' Stylist San Francisco
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Shelley Golden mens stylist in San Francisco

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Men's Fashion stylist - Silicon Valley
Shelley Golden J. Hilburn Best mens stylist Silicon Valley

Shelley brought a calm, professional, thoughtful presence to the task of bringing my closet into order and letting it serve me once again.  Her creative insight and her ability to tap into the potential of the clothing I already have, along with her empathetic ability to separate me from the items that truly don’t need to be there anymore, resulted in a closet full of potential …  (Even my wife was amazed at the options that emerged.)

Ross B (Business Owner)


Yes, even for men!



Let’s create your customized personal Color Palette which is completely unique to your individual needs!

Wearing your best range of colors will make you look younger, healthier, and more vibrant. While wearing unflattering colors can make you look older, tired and even ill.

Save time and money by knowing what colors and patterns look best on you.  It will make your clothes shopping so much easier by helping you build outfits that easily mix and match. 

Shelley will guide you towards the best color choices for your wardrobe, hair (and make-up), starting with the exact colors of your hair, eyes, skin, pink in your cheeks, lips, and whites of your eyes and teeth.  We then add and discuss complementary colors that you can mix and match as well as pattern size and what color jewelry looks best.

Each color swatch is personally selected and hand-cut for your fan..(not from a cookie-cutter template).

Color analysis is an essential part of a style makeover.

A personal color palette consultation makes a great gift for that man who has everything!”

Mens' personal color consultant - Silicon Valley

Gift Certificates

You can purchase a J. Hilburn-only gift certificate or a styling certificate for all my services and packages.

They make a unique and fun gift for spouses, employee incentives or simply someone special!

Shelley golden best stylist in san francisco and silicon valley style gift certificates

Building A Successful Wardrobe

  • I’ll teach you how to organize your closet effectively
  • I’ll figure out garments to keep and which ones to discard
  • We’ll expand your wardrobe with just a few new pieces
  • I’ll teach you about mixing and matching colors and textures for maximum impact
  • With follow-up services, every spring and fall, I will do a review and edit of your wardrobe
  • We will update your wardrobe each season by adding integral pieces for taking you from winter to summer