It’s all about the shoes…


Tan suede shoes   Hey guys…. I just came back from 10 days in Portugal.  I know it’s not Paris or Milan, but I must say that Portugal is an up and coming country, both socially and financially and the men there certainly know how to dress. While walking around the capital city [...]

It’s all about the shoes…2017-10-19T12:38:56+08:00

Do Skirt Lengths Really Matter?


           Do Skirt Lengths Really Matter? Of course skirt lengths matter.  Skirt lengths have always mattered.  You never want anyone to say, “That skirt is just too short for a woman your age.”  Yet, you hear it all the time. Sleazy, sexy, matronly, dowdy and proper.  These are terms you often hear referring [...]

Do Skirt Lengths Really Matter?2023-06-20T13:16:02+08:00
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