Let’s Create Your Customized Personal Color Palette

color expert

Learn which colors look best on you and which colors to avoid.  Wearing your best range of colors will make you look younger, healthier, and more vibrant. While wearing unflattering colors can make you look older, tired and even ill.

Save time and money by knowing what colors and patterns look best on you.  It will make your clothes shopping so much easier by helping you build outfits that easily mix and match. 

Shelley Golden - Color Analysis

Shelley will guide you towards the best color choices for your wardrobe, hair and make-up, starting with the exact colors of your hair, eyes, skin, pink in your cheeks, lips, and whites of your eyes and teeth.  We then add and discuss complementary colors that you can mix and match as well as pattern size and what color jewelry looks best.

Each color swatch is personally selected and hand-cut for your fan… (not from a cookie-cutter template).

Color analysis is an essential part of a style makeover.


A personal color analysis makes a GREAT GIFT for that special person who has everything 



Shelley’s color analysis changed my life! Shelley gave me a color palette that makes me look more alive — and makes shopping 100x easier and faster.

Lisa L, CEO and Marketing Specialist

Shelley is the ultimate professional. Her experience is unmatched and her eye for little details is flawless. She combines this expertise and professionalism to listen but also to gently assert when her client may want to consider something new. Shelley has helped me rethink how I want to show up in the world and I’m deeply grateful. 

Stevie E, Executive Director, Stanford Biosciences at Stanford University

Shelley is an absolute EXPERT in what she does. She has an excellent eye for color and composition.  From the color consultation to the shopping to the put-it-together coaching, she made my revamp totally FUN and educational 

Stephanie M, Director at Toyota