When your clothes look more flattering… you’ll look and feel more confident. 

1.  Make your butt look slimmer
Wear jeans that have back pockets that are closer together, (closer to the center seam).  This will keep your eye in a narrower frame vs. forcing your eye to look from side to side at the widest part of your hips.

2.  Make your legs look longer
No fold or extra fabric at the bottom of your pants/jeans.  It’s best to get your pants shortened.   This looks more polished and takes the attention away from the bottom of your legs and how long your legs appear.  It won’t look like you bought jeans that are just too long


3.  Which shoes should you wear with boot cut pants?
If your going to wear flared pants or boot cut pants/ jeans, wear either a higher or mid height heel.

4.  Sleeve length
Sleeve length on tops, jackets, cardigans should always be shortened/lengthened to the perfect length.   Don’t just roll them up.
The length should hit just below your wrist bone when you flex your hand.  If your sleeves are too long, they will touch the palm of your hand and absorb more oils and dirt on the edge which will need to be cleaned more often.

5.  Don’t let your buttons pop open!
Nothing looks worse than wearing a blouse that doesn’t fit around your bust and the chest buttons pop open!  Even if it fits everywhere else, the blouse will always look too small.  Either get a larger size or perhaps a button front shirt isn’t for you, especially if you’re larger busted.  If this happens, you can try using Fashion Tape to hold the fabric together.  Another trick is to stitch the front of the blouse closed.  Be careful to make sure there is still enough room for you to easily pull it over your head.

6.  It’s all in the Fabric
Heavily textured fabrics and larger patterns add bulk (physically and visually) and make you look larger than you really are. This is  not ideal if you’re trying to look smaller and leaner.  Go for smaller patterns and softer fabrics. You will appear leaner as your eye/brain won’t have to spend time figuring out if it’s the pattern or extra bulk that is causing you to look bigger and wider.


7.  Know your proportions

  1. If you have a long torso & shorter legs – try a short top  tucked in with higher waisted jeans or paperbag style pants to balance out the length of your torso and shorter legs.  Your legs will look longer.

If you have a short torso & longer legs – wear longer tops (left) to give the illusion of a longer torso, again balancing out your torso and longer legs.