I’ve heard every excuse on the planet about WHY one can’t dress better.

What message do YOU want to send out to the world about who YOU are?

Here are the 3 top excuses for not dressing well:


  1. People Shouldn’t Judge You Based On Your Appearance

The classic confusion between what the world “should be” vs what the world “is”…

I agree! People shouldn’t judge…but they DO!

It’s a fact – People judge others based on appearance

So you can either hide away in your fantasy “don’t judge me” land…

or you can accept the overwhelming evidence that human beings judge others…

 Make it work in your favor…. Don’t underestimate the power of a first impression.

  1. I Don’t Have The Money To Dress Sharp

This is often a cover up for…

Style isn’t a priority…

Do you have top the line electronics? Expensive beauty treatments?

Most people who say they don’t have the money really just spend it on what’s important to them…

So the question I ask you is…why isn’t style a priority? 

Did you know you can make over $232,000 MORE on average over your life from dressing well?

  1. I Don’t Have Time To Shop For Clothes! 

Again, this usually means….

“I prefer to spend my time doing other things…”

But in the rare case you REALLY don’t have time… contact someone who can help you shop and buy the “right” items for YOU or shop for you.  this is something I do everyday for people who care about how they look but are too busy to shop for themselves.

If you want something badly enough…you won’t make excuses!