1.  1st Impressions Matter
First impressions are everything!  They are formed within the first 3 seconds of meeting someone. If you’re planning to take your business and/or career to the next level, you need to make sure that you look the part. As the saying goes…. “Dress for the position you WANT, not the one you have.”

2.  For Business Casual…. Dress Down Your Formal Business Outfit 
Business Casual is dressing down your business outfit, NOT dressing up your casual outfit.  Whenever you are unsure about what to wear, dress in something a little nicer than what you think you need to wear. You can always take off your jacket or tie and untuck the shirt if the room happens to be filled with business casual people.  Women:  Do not wear yoga pants to work!!  Keep them for the yoga studio.

3.  Stick to Classic Colors
Solid dark colors for both men and women continue to be winners. Invest in a high-quality jacket (and/or sweater for women) in either black or a color that compliments your color palette. This can then become your uniform for those of you who like the simplicity of a capsule wardrobe and not having to decide what to wear each day. Change the look by adding splashes of color with a fab scarf, blouse or darker colored or small patterned shirt for guys or a tie for the finishing touch.

 4. Shoes – It’s All About The Shoes
Everybody notices your shoes!!  Attention to detail is everything. Keep your shoes looking new. Keep them polished and make sure they are not scuffed or worn. Get your soles and heels replaced when necessary. Do you know why shoes for both men and women tend to be timeless?  It’s not about fashion, this is about showing that you care about your appearance and want to look polished from head to toe (no pun intended). This attention to detail carries thro)gh to how you present your work.
Men – Check out my blog article about Men’s Shoes – It’s All About The Shoes

  • Note:  I highly recommend shoe trees to prevent the toes from creasing and keep your shoes looking new
5. Dress for Comfort First
Dress to impress, but don’t make yourself feel uncomfortable. You shouldn’t be thinking about your clothing once you’ve already made it to work or that important meeting.  People can always tell when someone is at ease (or not). Follow the protocol of the situation, formal or business-casual, then think about how you can still meet those criteria without compromising your comfort. Dressing comfortably allows YOU to be yourself, so that you can do what you do best.
6.  Professional Grooming Matters
You can have the best clothes in the world, but if you’re hair is messy, not styled, not colored properly or if you have an overgrown beard you are going to look messy. Spend some time taking care of yourself.
  • Women: keep your hair naturally colored or styled with a fabulous cut if your silver or grey.
  • Men: keep yourself clean-shaven or with a well-trimmed beard.
7.  Get Rid of the Bling
In business, the rule of thumb is to keep things minimalistic. Women are especially guilty of wearing too much jewelry.
  • Women:  Simple earrings, a watch, a ring and one or two bracelets is more than enough. Don’t become distracting by having an arm filled with bracelets knocking against the desk every time you move or a statement piece necklace that is so low that it draws attention to your cleavage.
  • Men:  a watch is your best accessory, also a simple bracelet and a ring.
8.  Let Your Personality Shine Through
Stand out from the crowd by coming up with a conservative yet memorable accessory. This may be a beautiful scarf, a belt, or a bracelet. One special fashion embellishment is enough to make you stand out. They may not remember your name, but they may remember you as the woman or man with the …. great …. whatever…
9.  Dress Above the Crowd
Dressing for success is about dressing a single notch above. No matter which profession you’re in or which company you work for, you should always look your best. You will feel more confident and will be more effective at what you do.  YOU WILL NEVER BE CRITICIZED FOR BEING OVER DRESSED!