We’re only human, and sometimes that means lusting after things we can’t have… namely, a few extra inches of height.

Most of my clients and people I know, want to appear taller than they already are, unless they’re already over 6’0″ tall – this goes for both women and men.

But since there’s no way to actually gain (vertical) inches overnight, we’ve resorted to creativity—in the form of fashion, as usual. Luckily, I can offer help by sharing some of my fave illusive fashion tips.  LADIES FIRST…  MEN SCROLL DOWN

Here are 8 hacks to look longer and leaner with the clothes you already have…

1. Wear monochromatic dressing in the same color like a column from top to bottom
2.  Wear longer jackets and sweaters

3.  Wear vertical stripes or the illusion of a vertical stripe like the orange/black dress (above)

4.  Shelley’s 1/3 … 1/3 … 1/3 Rule  – if you wear a jacket or sweater that has a contrasting top underneath, you only look 1/3 as wide as you actually are.

5. Wear super-tall (or super-short) boots


6.  Wear pointed-toe shoes – try nude shoes to make your legs look longer as well

7.  Choose the most micro of prints

8.  Opt for high-waisted jeans


Some things to avoid:

  • Capris
  • Anything too tight
  • Horizontal stripes
  • All-over busy prints
  • Super Chunky accessories


7 Hacks on How to look taller and leaner

  1.  Don’t wear baggy clothing – pants in particular – lose clothing gives a wider and sloppier silhouette which makes you look shorter – Check out the difference …

2.  Avoid cuffing your pants – it makes your legs look shorter.

3. No trouser break –  There should be almost no break or excess fabric resting on your shoes.  Pants that are too long and bag at the bottom make you look shorter.   Best to have the full visual line of the pant leg from your waist to the bottom, which should just nearly skim the top of your shoe.  Get your pants hemmed if they’re too long.  Only tall men should have a slight break.

4. Wear a monochromatic look – dressing in the same or similar color from top to bottom – Less color contrast between top and bottom makes you look taller.  It won’t visually cut you in half.   Wearing similar colors top and bottom forces your eye to travel up and down.


5.    Horizontal lines make you appear wider preventing the eye from moving up and down.  Vertical lines make your body appear longer and leaner.

6.  Wear boots or shoes with a longer tapered toe.   Oh!  and BTW…  Tan leather shoes are “in”.  Get yourself a pair if you don’t already have one.

7.  Make sure to put collar stays in your shirt collars (either plastic or metal).  They make your neck look longer and leaner.

8.  V-neck T-shirts & open neck sweaters – they make your neck look longer.  Avoid round neck (or crew neck) shirts, unless you already have a long neck.