Do Skirt Lengths Really Matter?

Of course skirt lengths matter.  Skirt lengths have always mattered.  You never want anyone to say, “That skirt is just too short for a woman your age.”  Yet, you hear it all the time.

Sleazy, sexy, matronly, dowdy and proper.  These are terms you often hear referring to a woman’s image when associated with the length of her skirt.  Is it too long or too short for the situation?  The “proper” length these days completely depends upon who you are, where you are, whom you’re with.  I also depends upon what image you want to portray.  You might of course, be dressing  just to show off your legs and impress somebody in particular.

Should a “knee length” skirt hit above, at or below the knee?

As a general rule, you always want to have your skirt length at the thinnest part of your leg. The intersection of the horizontal line of the skirt and the vertical line of your leg is where one’s eyes naturally go when subconsciously determining if your skirt length has that sexy, sleazy or dowdy look.

But more than the skirt itself and how wearing skirts in general makes you feel like a women, it’s really all about your legs.  Do you have long, slender, shapely or just plain fat legs?  More specifically, since most dresses and skirts these days are around knee length, what is the shape of your knees and calves.  Do you have knock knees or sagging knees? Unfortunately, the latter is inevitable, due to gravity and the lack of exercise as we get older.  If this the case, never wear a skirt that shows your knees. This completely avoids the issue as to whether your skirt is too short. You just never want anyone to spend too much time looking at your knees figuring out if they are attractive or not.

Are you one of those lucky women, like me, who has a little fat deposit on the inside of your leg just above your knee joint? If so, you definitely don’t want your skirt to stop next to the blob. Aim for the thinnest part of your leg, which might be just below your knee cap.  Depending upon how shapely and attractive your knees are, your skirt length could hit an inch or two above or below your knee. If you prefer shorter skirts, you might want to wear your hemline an inch or two above that little blob of fat where your leg starts to narrow again, if it starts to narrow, or just below your knee joint.  This would eliminate the issue of “knee appeal” all together.

If you’re an athlete (or not) and have large or muscular calves, you never want to have your skirt anywhere close to your mid-calf. There are 3 places to aim for: 1) above your knee 2) the thinnest area between the bottom of your knee and top of your calf or 3) completely below your calf.

Another option if you want to wear your skirt above your knee and you don’t have great knees, is to wear tights or opaque stockings the same color as your skirt.  This will not only hide a whole multitude of less attractive body parts such as sagging knees and the cellulite that attacked the back of your legs years ago but also your knees and calves.  The whole idea is not draw attention to those less desirable body parts.

When you go shopping and are trying on skirts and dresses, keep in mind that the most important thing is the fit.  Buy something you love!  If it’s too long or too wide toward the bottom, you can always have it shortened and/or tapered. If it’s a straight skirt, the narrower it is toward the bottom, the thinner you will look. Western women these days are not used to taking advantage of tailors as women in the past and those in other countries. Make it fit your body so that it’s perfect for you.  Don’t hesitate to find a local tailor to tweak your wardrobe. We’re all built differently, yet only have a handful of styles to choose from.

When you look at your legs and you think it’s not the most flattering length you’re probably right.  When your trying on clothes and a little smile starts to appear on your face, knowing what you just tried on looks fabulous….that is the only time you should buy the item.

Here’s one of the never-ending question, “do women these days dress to impress other women… or men?”  No matter whom your trying to impress, always make sure you’re comfortable in you what you wear and you’re never go wrong.